The “Bleurgh” in History…

How much can an author hide behind his or her main characters?  I ask because I’ve read two books by a certain author, and I think he’s kind of a bigot.  Not a massive one…just a little one.  If not, then he tends to write characters that have some bigot-like qualities.  Is that how he’s adding dimensions to his characters?  Or have his beliefs permeated the characters’?  Adding depth to a character involves adding some biases; however, the books had a pattern difficult to ignore.

Despite this shortcoming (in my eyes), I liked the overall story.  I like reading fiction because I can get lost in the fantasy, then choose whether to explore the story’s anecdote.  Instead of drudging through a historical outline or social situation gone amuck, I instead read a fun story about the Roaring 20’s.  I can immerse myself in the grandeur and relationships rather than focus on opinionated shortcomings of a society.

With fictional stories no one’s tasked with proving the validity.  I listened to a podcast about World War I, and the historian spoke about the difficult in siphoning though publications to separate propogranda from fact in order to determine what ACTUALLY happened.  Ironically you don’t have to do that with fiction because you just believe it as is.  What happened?  It’s right there on the page.  Jay Gatsby totally dies!!!  How the story affects you varies, but how nice that you don’t have to guess the WHAT in addition to the EFFECT.

Did I spoil “The Great Gatsby” for you?

I also don’t know why I capitalized “what” and “effect” in that paragraph.  Poor writing, likely…

Funny that you accept the fiction for how it is, then discuss its meaning.  Whereas non-fiction you discuss the credibility of what’s even written, then also discuss its underlying meaning.  So much work!

Also, I would like non-fiction novels more if I weren’t so ignorant about history.  I suppose that’s similar to the chicken-and-egg scenario…do I like reading history because I know about it, or do I know about history so I like to read about it?  God, what an off-putting terrible sentence.



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