Too Much Extremism…

Too much of everything?  According to Celine Dion, totally fine as long as you’re taught the ability to show restraint.  However, she said this years ago when her son was still little, so who knows how he’s turned out.

He’s probably fine…he’s Canadian!

Eating too much…dating too much…sleeping too much.  I mean, as an American living in a Superlative Society…we get our rocks off on extreme goals.  However, loads of people with daytime talk shows tell me that “good” mental health establishes balance in your life like a row of teeter totters.  Life is a row of teeter totters on a playground with you running back and forth keeping them balanced.  The teeter totters closest to the middle are the ones like, “Stay alive,” while the ones towards the outside are, “Take the trash out on Thursdays.”  Some people have real shit going on, so they just mind the teeter totter in the middle.  Someone else may have a million teeter totters, but he TOTALLY let the “American Idol” teeter totter crash and burn.

I have a distant memory of already talking about this, but I’m not restricting myself because I’ve clearly not figured it out yet.

When do I do “too much?”  Hmm…I do oddly love a little dry-heaving after a run because it makes me feel like I had a really good workout.  Would the doctor say that’s too much?  Dunno.  To be able to say I’ve done “too much exercise” depends on what came before that.  If I’ve been training for a marathon for months, then running a marathon IS NOT too much.  If I’ve not been running at all…a marathon IS too much.  If a tiger is chasing me and I have to run a marathon to escape it…a marathon IS NOT too much because HOLY SHIT!!!  A tiger!!!


The opposite of “too much” is “not enough,” but I don’t wanna start writing about that because that gets sad in a hurry.  Luckily, “not enough” people read this blog to make me feel any obligation.  🙂

Is that lazy writing when you type a smiley face after a sentence?  If it’s a joke, it should be strong enough without pompously implying, “There’s to be a laugh there, darling…”

Sorry.  You deserve better than that.

I will say that the older I get, the more accurate my barometer on “too much.”  Now…do I actually ACT on moderating whatever the “too much” is?  Eh…hehe, eurgh.  😦  However, I’m aware of it which means I’ll either fix it or just make peace with it because sometimes I like the extremes.

A sad face is ok to type…everyone likes a too sad blogger.  😀


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