When it’s good to drop…

Last night I heard the phrase, “Drop the hammer,” which made me giggle for about 15 minutes.  I haven’t heard that phrase in a very long time, but it’s so classic.  Plus, when I hear it in my head, it’s in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice.

If you aren’t familiar with “drop the hammer,” it means when a runner pulls ahead and leaves the pack during a running race and thus…she’s just dropped the hammer.

I guess it indicates achievement because you’re dropping a destructive object?  I suppose a hammer is a constructive object as well, so maybe that’s how it originated as a positive expression.  Conversely, if you “drop the ball,” that’s bad because a ball symbolizes the missed opportunity to score points.  Dropping tends to have a negative connotation in my eyes.  Other idioms I can think of are…

  • Drop the keys (fishbowl, swingers)
  • Drop the soap (prison)
  • Drop a load (pooing)
  • Drop foot (real medical condition!)
  • Drop your name into the hat (participation)
  • Drop the Christmas

That’s right, Suzanne. Drop the Christmas.  I try and type these posts in one sitting without stopping or judging what comes out, so my free-flow thought went from, “Drop your name in the hat,” to, “Drop the Christmas.”

“You’ve dropped the Christmas, you asshole!” Mira said to her husband.

However, hat…Santa…Christmas.  It does tie together.

As a side note, if you’re a fan of saying, “Boom,” then I suggest incorporating “drop the hammer” into your vernacular.  It’s very fun to say, “She dropped the hammer, boooooooooom!!!”

What things in my life can I drop the hammer on?  I could drop the hammer on my own workout regime.  I can’t remember the last time I did a sit-up.  I could drop the hammer on comedy a bit more, but FFS*, I am trying!!!  Dropping the hammer when you’re running is very much reliant on you, whereas comedy, it’s reliant upon you, but judged by the audience.  Maybe THE AUDIENCE should really drop the hammer more.  That’s how I’ll start my next set, “Um, hi…you fine folks really need to drop the hammer tonight and pull ahead of other audiences.”

Dropping the hammer is pulling away from a group or pack.  So essentially all recluses in the woods have dropped the hammer.  Buddha dropped the hammer when he left his family to go Buddhist it up in the woods.  Walking away from a fight?  Total hammer drop because as you stride away, “Boom!  Hammer dropped!!!”

Ha…ok…that boom may be your enemy’s fist upon your head…or a real hammer!  Some people are dangerous!!!

This is the best cooked egg I’ve ever had!  You’ve really dropped the hammer!

Dropping the hammer means results.  Only if results are delivered can a hammer be considered dropped.  “I dropped the hammer and finished my blog post,” said the douchy, entitled white girl.  😀

Pack animals don’t really drop the hammer.  Rats don’t seem like hammer droppers.  Dropping a hammer establishes dominance, so gorillas totally drop the hammer.  That’s what they live for!

“What time is it, KoKo?”

“It’s time to drop the hammer.”


*FFS:  For fuck’s sake.



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