WWI: The hipster’s antithesis…

Yesterday I attended a discussion on World War I…

Is it World War 1 or World War I…


When I say discussion, I mean eight senior-citizens sat around a table and talked about WWI, and I sat and listened.  As we were introducing ourselves, one man said, “I like history because in my heart, I’m a gossip…and history is full of gossip.”  I really love that philosophy.  I ALSO like to gossip, and who’d have thought that when you gossip about President Wilson, it doesn’t hurt anyone?!  If you sit around bitching about your neighbor, then that’s mean.  However, if you sit around bitching about the people who made loads of false promises to the Middle East…totally ok!  They will not get offended!  Worst-case scenario is that you get haunted, but history buffs love to be haunted, amiright?!

The meeting started with one man saying that all of our problems today can be traced back to WWI…which isn’t really that profound of a statement in my view because yeah…all problems are resultant of past events.  But whatever…I think his point was that that’s when it all STARTED.  I found it very engaging because sometimes I get really overwhelmed with current news and the current political climate between countries.  It’s a lot to soak in.  However, if I think about what’s going on now with the context of what happened 100 years ago, then it’s more like a really good story.  Like, “Oh yeah…remember in Chapter 3 when the Ottoman Empire…” and brings about the whole picture which helps me to understand it all a bit more.  Instead of thinking, “Omg! How could those people do that…” it’s more of a, “Yo, I get it.”

My ignorance unbounded, I just listened the entire time, unable to contribute anything except a scrunched up nose to signal, “Really?  I had no idea?!”  Oh, except when the leader said, “Usually, whoever spends the most money, wins the war,”  I’m all, “Duh, everyone knows that.  Jchaaa!!!”

The other thing I appreciated was that the discussion seemed very unbiased.  The talk was not Pro-American in the sense of, “…and then the U.S. got involved and won the war!”  It looked at the war from all different viewpoints to give perspective as to why each party became involved and what they hoped to gain.  For me a very unappealing take on history is this totally biased view I remember from my high school text books.  The view of…

Chapter 1: America, Fuck Yeah!!!

Chapter 2: America, Fuck Yeah!!!

And so on, and so on.  Would love to be able to find the author(s) of those text books.  I imagine that person living in Oklahoma with a faded “Trump – Pence” sign in HIS yard, and before he falls asleep every night, he whispers, “Make America great again…”

This WWI chat also made me feel like it’s time to do a spring cleaning of my mind.  To get rid of all the tat I remember so that at least what’s left, even if not uber relevant, is at least somewhat valuable.  Anyway…I downloaded a bunch of history podcasts this morning and deleted the Solitaire app on my phone.

This is me to the world right now, “OMG!!!  So what have YOU been up to the last 100 years?!”




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