Napping in the moment…

Don’t you hate it when you do the dishes, and afterwards your hand smells like a dirty sponge?  You ask yourself, “How clean are those dishes?”  However, you quickly distract yourself with something else because further consideration means you’ve gotta get a new sponge and re-wash ALL those dishes.

Then you congratulate yourself because you’re so “in the moment.”  Be in the moment…be present in the moment.

I discovered that my phone has a “Mindful Minutes” app to teach you to be mindful and in the moment…all whilst staring at your phone.  I haven’t used it yet because I’m scared that when I press, “START,” my phone will implode.  That’s really gonna bring me into the moment.  That will make me look around and take in my surroundings because my phone just irreversibly created “the art of now.”

It just seems like a trick of some sort.  So I’m getting my entertainment, news, information AND “mindfulness” from my phone?  Do I even need eyes anymore?  Or can the screen image be transmitted directly to my brain?  I’ll be honest…I’m excited about how much money I’ll save on mascara.

My whole objective with this blog is to write without any pre-conceived ideas and to live in the moment.  To just let whatever’s in my head flow down my arms, into my fingertips, and then be misspelled by my clumsy fingers.  My fingers that can be classified as old men who used to be good tennis players, but now complain about weak knees and loss of agility.  Doesn’t agility sound like it could be some hipster’s baby’s name?  “This is Agility.  He doesn’t eat dairy.”

I’ll tell you one thing…I would be much more capable of typing my stream of thought if I didn’t have to stretch so much.  I’ve been awake for two hours and still stretching every 10 minutes.  It feels good, but come on!  I slept enough…stop being such a showboater good-feeling-when-I-stretch sensation.

I could be a doctor with that talk.

Distraction is such a funny thought because really we want to eliminate distractions to get engrossed into the distraction that we deem worth our time.  Writing is a distraction, but so is staring into my mug wondering how hot my coffee is.  Exercise is a distraction but so are the thoughts you think while running to distract yourself from the fact you’re running.

I wanna go out and “explore the city” today to use a really antiquated phrase from a 1990’s chick flick, but I’m scared I’ll want to nap.  Is that agoraphobia?  I’m scared that I’ll get into Manhattan, and all I’ll want is to lie down and sleep for 30 minutes.  This is why I wish public napping were safer/more accepted because I’d be the Magellan of Manhattan if I knew that I could cat nap at 2:00 p.m.

Maybe that’s what “being mindful” means.  You thrive at living in the moment because deep down you know you can nap whenever you want.



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