I’m sick and tired of the idea, “Ah, but she loved him anyway!”

What I mean is how we still seem to be totally fine with the idea that a gorgeous woman can fall in love with a so-so looking man because, “She loves him anyway!”

Love is blind!

I think women are blind.  Men seem to be perfectly happy keeping their eyes wide open.

I know…I’m not busting down any doors with these thoughts and that it’s just anger writing.  Just let me have this…

I can’t think of a single film or TV show where the woman was “homely-looking” and the man was super attractive.  If you have examples, would LOVE to hear them!  If we’re going down this route that the female should always be the attractive one, then stick to your guns and renounce the beauty of peacocks.  BECAUSE THE MALES ARE THE PRETTY ONES!!!  Stop being a hypocrite and having peacock-themed weddings, you lemmings.

Before you say, “Well it’s actually about their personality, you shallow monster,” just let me say that we all know Tinder is popular because “personality” is not our first concern when swiping.

Ok, I supposed I should back-up and say I’m not necessarily talking about real-life couples…I’m talking about movie castings, and what irritates me is the double standard.  You’re expected to watch a film and be on board with the idea that a person can leap across a canyon via “will power.”  You’re expected to believe that Carey Mulligan has an American accent!  Oh, and you’re also supposed to believe that a woman who’s probably not eaten bread in 4 years because she’s supposed to be “toned, but not too toned,” would fall in love with Poor Man’s Paul Giamatti.

The film makers are like, “Ok, now they swing the parcel from the helicopter and it lands into the mail slot…oh, god!  He’d never fall in love with her!  Find someone more ‘boobey’…”

Makes my fat rolls squidge.

Whatever.  I don’t care how this post sounds.  I’m not showering today.

Oh, and apologies to the LGBTQ community…a selfish post when you’re underrepresented full stop.

Too lazy to draw today.

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