Song in My Head…

Getting a song stuck in your head is the one of the more annoying traits that will plague you your whole life.  At first it’s nice because you have a fun song to sing while walking to the subway; three days later you’re thinking, “Die composer, die!!!”

I have the song “City of Stars” stuck in my head which is from the film “La La Land.”  The song is nominated for an Oscar, and my question is did the song get nominated because it stuck in people’s minds so much?  The Oscar Committee couldn’t get it out of their heads, and thus was on their minds when submitting nominations?  Wouldn’t that just meant the song got nominated based on its pure annoyance?

Isn’t a form of torture listening to loud music over and over again?  Or is that something that I saw in a Ben Stiller film?

I wonder why certain songs continually play over and over in my head.  It’s like a gremlin running rampant in my head, taking pleasure from distracting me when I’m trying to concentrate.  Is it a learned habit from having a dull job for so many years?  My brain’s like an abusive boyfriend saying, “You used to like it when I did that!”

Plus, I have a bad singing voice.  So what happens is I’ll start audibly singing in the grocery store much to my chagrin.  Like The Phantom is there and then giggles with his friends at brunch over how terrible I sounded.

As opposed to non-audible singing…obvs.

One day I hope to be confident enough to sing for pleasure, and not give a damn that I sound like Luann de Lesseps. (Real Housewives of NYC)

This also relates to a pet peeve that I’ve had for years: I wish songs actually taught you something.  SO many songs are about love and partying…yet none of them remind me who the 18th president was.  Nor do they teach us the GNP of Namibia.  I’d get less frustrated if I had a song in my head that taught me a bit of Mandarin.

Maybe it’s because my parents played music for me when I was a baby, so it stems from my first memories of being soothed.  If that’s true then I guess it’s not so annoying because a kid that’s soothed by trivia is probably someone that’s not very fun to be around.

That’s a positive spin on it I suppose.  Everyone wants to hang out with the person that knows all the lyrics to “Livin’ on a Prayer,” but the person that can recite the chemical formula for sucrose likely needs to bring something else to the table (besides sugar, boom!).

Da na na naaaaaa….da na na na naaaaaaa…..

Still happening…still annoying…

The Phantom in My Head.

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