Increasing Entropy…

All people have certain little ticks or habits.  For example I like to have my little lamp on next to my computer…makes the floaters in my eyes less noticeable.  Have these ticks emerged because we’ve invented too many things too quickly and our body hasn’t had time to evolve to them?  Or were Neanderthals just as picky?  Maybe it is just how animals are because dogs seem to be very particular when curling up for a nap on a blanket.

Do your habits tend to be based on what’s most efficient or what’s most comfortable?  Some people may always take the quickest route on the subway, whereas some people may add an extra stop to minimize the time they have to stand at a cold, outdoor platform.  I think my habits revolve more around what’s efficient than what’s comfortable.  For instance I try to revise certain routines, like making coffee, to require the least amount of time and footsteps, which means certain “morning duties”* are rushed.

It always seems that the further we get along, the more tasks that need to happen…so even if you are a “comfort habit” person, you’re forced to be a “logical habit” person.  Are we creating useful objectives, or is entropy increasing so quickly that we’ve got more crap to deal with and thus we need to rush more and more and more to do less and less and less.

Not everyone is big into rushing, but as an American we’re taught it’s just how things should be done.  I think McDonald’s is partly to blame because if they can give you a burger and fries in 60 seconds, surely you can finish your homework and mop the kitchen floor before supper.

I think rushing makes people mean.  Feeling like you need to rush prioritizes your own objectives making you deprioritize someone else’s objectives, which means day after day the a Churro Seller is NOT hitting his/her sales goals.  Everyone is rushing by, TOO BUSY TO BUY A CHURRO!!!  No one wants to live with monsters who don’t eat churros.

Architects should really be the primary advocators to stop rushing.  I was walking in the Upper East Side (NO idea why everyone capitalizes that neighborhood like it’s a country…), and I noticed these really beautiful buildings.  That’s the extent of my architectural vocabulary, “Those buildings are pretty…I want ice cream.”  Anyway, if everyone’s rushing, no one’s looking at pretty buildings, so!  Calling all architects!  It’s up to YOU to stop this entropy, which will stop people rushing, which will make us look at your crown molding!!!

There!  Order restored!!!

Mr. Club is unhappy at his job at Sabertooth Inc.

*Pooing.  Sometimes I rush pooing.


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