Science for the win…

A friend shared this article, and I think this is a great idea!

Basically, NASA is granting public access to their published papers, giving us common folk access to loads of scientific research.  I’m not saying that I’m going to read ALL of it, but it’s terrific that it’s out there.  So much celebrity gossip is published, so it’s nice that kids would at least have the OPTION to read a science paper instead of what K. Kardashian* has posted on Instagram.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like they’ll post the juicy stuff like what’s at Area 51 or why no one really drinks Tang anymore, BUT…a great step toward community overall.

I think that’s why I’m really a geek at heart is because science can be very unifying.  In science there’s a right and wrong answer, and though theories differ, everyone has the same objective in discovering the truth.  It’s not like religion where you have to cross that small hurdle of coming back from the dead to say, “See!  I told you so!!!”

It’s scary to think that gag orders are being placed on scientific agencies and that the steamroll of corporate interest is gaining even more speed.  See, I think greed is the antithesis of science.  If money weren’t involved, then what makes sense scientifically would always prevail.  However, land gets fracked and pipelines are built because they make money, and scientific “research” is skewed or myopic to fill greedy pockets.  I’m a hypocrite because I worked as an engineer…I’ve totally told “a version” of the truth before.  I’m not proud of it, but I’m sure many find that it’s just part of the job.  Because research costs money, there’s rarely a pure, non-bastardized version of the results.  That’s my opinion…I’d love it if anyone countered that…would give me more hope.

I guess one thing to think about is that necessity  is the mother of invention.  With that thinking then one could say, “Well, surely someone will come along eventually and fix this mess!”  Hopefully!  In the meantime, sorry polar bear family…a few more of you are going to die because, well, we’re not there yet.

This is a rant…just a pointless rant…no one wants to hear about dead polar bears or my “hot take” on oil and gas companies.

Anyway…if you have kids, please expose them to “science.”  As you can see, if they become comedians, in 20 years time they could be sitting a their computers typing illogical conspiracy theories and just “saying something” instead of “doing something.”

Don’t end up like me, kids!!!

*Which Kardashian?  Doesn’t matter…it’s all garbage.



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