Olive Oil…

This morning I fixed a squeaky door hinge with olive oil, and I feel like a wizard!  It was so easy!  Something that was so annoying for so long was fixed in 3 seconds with something that’s sat dormant in the cupboard for months!!!

Is my enthusiasm undeserved?  Yes, as I’ve just revealed that I was too lazy to fix the easiest of household problems (except an unplugged fridge), AND that I don’t even stir-fry vegetables.  But I’ll have you know that I spelled “vegetables” correctly on the first try…

Whenever one takes a LEAN and/or Six Sigma course, the first objective is always the “low-hanging fruit.”  What can easily be improved right now?  If I’ve ignored this squeaky door for at least 2 months…what else am I ignoring?  What do the mice gossip about behind my back???

Kidding…the mice aren’t pests, they live here…Bernie and Tina.  It’s illegal to kick a pregnant female out, and Tina’s always up the duff!  Plus Hindus believe that having animals around is good karma.*

To view my life from a different angle, I must attempt perspective.  This requires a step back, so let me just try to list some issues that would qualify as “low-hanging fruit,”

Five minutes pass…

I don’t know!!!  What does that mean?!?!?  I can’t think of anything that’s annoyed me or that I could do more efficiently.  Closest I got was,”be rich.”  A little freaked out that my list matches Blac Chyna’s…

This also depicts my lifestyle because I’m definitely a minimalist.  When you don’t own many things, it’s difficult to clear clutter because you’re gonna need that toothbrush come midnight.

Maybe it’s a question that I need to ask myself throughout the day?  How can I do this more efficiently?  Is there a smarter path?  Is the crossing guard shaking her head because she knows the solution?

I suppose experiencing something new (yesterday’s topic) and efficiency are two different ideas.  It’s not efficient to experience something new, but perspective is a step towards efficiency.  But if you experience new things to be “worldly” does that also make you more efficient?  Probably…once I saw a woman in Malaysia chop a pineapple and I’ve never been the same since.

In summary the most efficient thing I wrote about is a mouse’s gestation period.  Now THAT’S efficient!!!

*I’m not Hindu, but to me religion is like a lunch buffet.  Take a little bit of what you like…you don’t need to finish the whole tray.

Bernie and Tina ponder their future

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