Oh Hugh…

Today I was thinking about the film “Florence Foster Jenkins” because Meryl was nominated for her role (obvs), and it took me a second to remember Hugh Grant’s last name!  I know!!!  HUGH frickin’ I-cheated-on-Elizabeth-Hurley-with-a-Sunset-Blvd-hooker GRANT!!!*  It was such a shocking moment…one that 15 year-old Suzanne would have never predicted!!!  I kept running through the names of films that he was in…Mickey Blue Eyes…Notting Hill…Bridget Jones’s Diary…Four Weddings a Funeral…WHAT IS HIS NAME?!?!?!  It was extremely distressing!

I once heard Dr. Oz (because I only watched Dr. Oz one time) say that it’s not a big deal if you can’t remember something right away as long as it eventually comes to you…that’s part of aging.  However, when you should be worried is when you can’t recall the information at all.  I find that comforting because I usually do remember in the end, but forgetting my teenage crush’s name?!  What’s next?  I’m not going to remember what NKOTB stands for?!?!?!!?

New Kids on The Block…for those of you NOT conscious in the 90’s…or those of you who actually sought out music instead of listening to what was jammed down your throat.  I’m from Kansas…we listened to what was jammed down our throats…then bought the t-shirt.  The alternative was listening to your friend’s garage band which I guess we did anyway because we really didn’t have anything to do.  We bought those t-shirts as well.


What if I start forgetting to remember?  As in I stop even jogging my memory and lose awareness that I’ve forgotten something?  I mean…hopefully that’s very far down the road…or at least in a bar with a hot date.

This is why I like siblings because they can help you piece memories together.  For example there will be one specific event, and each of us will remember something particular about it…then we can collaborate and piece together the whole day.  Very similar to when you call your friends on a Saturday morning going, “What happened last night?!”  The holes you can’t recall, they do…and vice versa.  They’re memory spotters…with un-spotted memories.

I suppose I shouldn’t be worried because my life tends to drastically change often…meaning that I’m far from living in the same place for decades, doing the same routines on auto-pilot.  But maybe I should make more of an effort to “break out of the cycle” every once in awhile…hmm…

That’s my goal for this week then…break out of the cycle…stay tuned!!!

Hugh Grant circa 1995…allegedly!

*Allegedly!  Also, will that story always haunt Hugh?  Probably…because I’ll never forget it!  BOOM!  Memory in-tact!


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