Cold Feet…

My feet are freezing today, and I can’t understand why they’re colder today than other days.  I’ve got socks on…the room temperature is the same…and we all know that I’ve got no impending nuptials…what gives, feet?!  Have I not hugged you enough lately, or is there a stranger around the corner about to propose?  It’s New York, so the latter is possible yet the gentleman caller is, let’s say, LESS than desirable…

I think the phrase “cold feet” is so odd.  I hear it mostly associated to someone wanting to back out of an engagement, but it’s also associated with lack of confidence.  You don’t want to do something because you’ve got “cold feet?”  Is that why I’m struggling with concentration today?  My feet are too scared to write any jokes or finish my to-do list?

Physiologically cold feet indicates poor blood circulation, so maybe it’s tied to, “My heart’s not in it?”  But I feel passionate and engaged with what I want to accomplish today, so my feet should be warm.  They should be boiling over like Bernie Sanders at a committee hearing!  I’m invested!  Come on Heart!  Captain Planet labels you as the Fifth Element, so quit being bitter about that Bruce Willis film and warm my feet up!

I guess I’m just eluding to the fact that my arch-nemesis “procrastination,” is the real culprit.  If I’d have accomplished a lot already, I wouldn’t be that bothered about my cold feet.  “You eat an elephant one bite at a time,” I’ve been told, but of course I don’t really condone eating elephants.  I’m also really bad at re-prioritization.  I’ll start working on something, then re-prioritize midway through which means that I only accomplish 20% of about 4000 tasks.  Although removal of toe-nail polish….done!

Is the key to accomplishment…prioritization of manageable tasks?  What would Tony Robbins say?  I’m sure he’s probably given a million lectures on this, but yo, I don’t have $5000000000000000 for a life coach.  I gotta DIY this bitch…

Tim Robbins…whole different opinion…

What I’m trying to say is that I don’t mind cold feet as long as I get something USEFUL done.  Ooo, ooo, I got it!  It’s that thing people like to laugh at , usually told late at night…uh…you can write it or make it up on the spot…ah! COMEDY!!! That’s right…I’ve got to write some comedy…

Right…getting another pair of socks and closing my laptop…plan my work, work my plan…which hopefully includes ice cream…



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