Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a really intense fear of sharks.  Likely because I was raised in Kansas and didn’t see an ocean until I was about 78, so it’s an understandable fear.  An animal I don’t understand and the information I do have is sensationalized, making me think that all shark encounters end with severed limbs and torso that’d be “unpresentable” at prom.

My fear is really illogical…like I’ll get scared of a shark in a pool (I know…honesty’s a bitch, amiright?!).  The panic comes when my eyes are closed and I can’t see if something is rushing towards me.  The logic that, “Sharks can’t survive in chlorinated water,” holds no weight, and I’ve been known to panic and exit the pool…seemingly within an inch of my life.

I’m establishing that I have irrational fears to vomit-type the idea that maybe I have some irrational fears about the future of the U.S.  Ok, I think a lot of them are rational, but are they overly-intensified?  Are my eyes are totally closed, so I’m not seeing what I can do to help fight for equality?  Is doom not totally certain?  What are my options instead of just sticking my head in the sand and hoping for the best?

I found this article comforting…

I say comforting because it enlightened me to things I can start doing today.  After reading it I didn’t feel like my hands were so tightly-tied behind my back…more like they were loosely tied, but my good buddy MacGyver was nearby wearing a “Drumpf” hat.  It made me feel less hopeless in this Hunger Games Reality Show airing on MSNBC.

If you’ve got a suggestion as to other ways you’ve found you can help…would love to hear them!

What I need to remind myself is that there is hope.  Or should it be belief?  Believing I can make a change sounds more impactful than hope…so let’s stick with belief.

Let’s saddle up!!!




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