Ever expanding…

The internet is like the universe in that it’s exponentially expanding.  People keep building and creating things, so it’s just getting bigger and bigger.  Which makes me wonder…are we someone’s internet?  Am I a character being willed to do stuff, and so I shouldn’t feel bad that I haven’t showered in a couple days?

This is all garbage.

I know this all sounds like I’m high, but I’m not.  This line of thinking came about because I was thinking about these blog posts I put out.  I just keep adding and adding to the internet.  A living record of the dumb thoughts that fall out of my head.  Are my nieces and nephews going to read these when they’re older and think, “What a quack!” That makes me think that people who are children now need to develop a pretty thick skin because eventually they’ll be old enough to read all the shit their parents talk about them on the internet.  I guess, sure, one could go back and delete it, but some of my friends talk so much shit that they’d have to wipe their social security number clean.

What these posts will do is basically eliminate the benefit of the doubt.  Like I can think about what my dad would have posted about me and my brothers, and none of it’s bad.  However, me blogging all of this crap is hard evidence of what a dirt bag I am most of the time.  No rose-colored lenses needed here!  I’m just an asshole!!!

I don’t care though.  I’m excited for the time in my life when I’m old enough to not care and everyone knows I’m the age where I shouldn’t.  My idol in life is Miss Ouiser from Steal Magnolias.  That’s who I want to be when I grow up.

I know…isn’t your mind blown that that’s how you spell her name?  No wonder Weezer the band got so popular…those dudes are smart.  They’re also middle-aged which makes me feel old!  They used to wear glasses to be ironic hipsters, now they wear them to read their milk labels.



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