It’s been a long time since I was considered a “child,” (age-wise, not behaviorally) but when I wake up in the morning, open the curtain and see fresh snow covering the ground, I still gasp.  It’s a learned behavior whose sequential logic is, “Snow means Christmas, Christmas means Santa, Santa means presents…” despite the fact that it’s January and I stopped believing in Santa AT LEAST 3 years ago.  However, definitely a surviving trace of Little Suzie…

A remnant I found this morning that baffled me was a stray chewing gum wrapper.  I picked up my phone, and stuck to it was a Trident gum wrapper.  Trident?!  I can’t even remember the last time I bought Trident gum!!!  Was there a ghost with bad breath in my room last night?  Is there a mouse nesting who decided to check my phone for texts?  Or has my phone ALWAYS wanted teeth???

We all know that time makes you reminisce about the past, and what I find amusing is that I never have any idea what exactly I’ll reminisce about.  For example one thing I miss about my old apartment was the radiator.  This radiator is fine (wink wink…he can see my screen, so, ya know…), but the radiator in my old apartment made it feel like that first step off the of the plane when you go to a tropical climate.  You walk through the door and whoosh!  A wave of hot, humid air hits you in the face and makes you reconsider your pore treatments.  In the winter you can always make a warm room colder, but making the room warmer is pretty reliant on your radiator’s heat output.

Considering that I have an engineering degree, there’s a part of me that’s like, “You should know the technical unit of measure for a radiator’s output…” but that part of me was never really that fun…

It’s interesting to wonder what I’ll miss in a year’s time.  However, it’s practically impossible to be sure where I’ll be, so I’ll just enjoy the snowflakes and know that Lucy would approve of me catching them on my tongue because it is January after all, Linus.




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