The finer things in life…

A few weeks ago I stayed with my brother who inexplicably had a really nice hair dryer.  I guess I shouldn’t say “inexplicably” because it’s not like he’s bald, and of course it’s sexist to say that men shouldn’t have nice hair dryers…ANYWAY…he has a very nice hair dryer.  Using this fancy-pants dryer made me realize how much time it takes to dry my hair with a crappy hair dryer, and considering that I’ve never spent more than $20 on one…I’ve wasted a lot of time.  This weekend, however, I changed my course and ordered an expensive hair dryer (the same as my brother’s…it was $60!!!)  Yet I can already say it’s easily the wisest $60 I’ve spent in a long time.  Today I dried my hair SO QUICKLY that I had to sit and fiddle around because I just had so much extra time!

Now…this got me thinking about what other shitty things I have in my life.  I mean…what other things do I use often but are of crap quality because I’m a poor cheapskate?  Unsurprisingly I came up with a pretty long list ranging from my toothbrush to my luffa.  What if I buy “high-quality” goods for things I use a lot, then for the things I don’t use often, “lower-quality” goods?  There’s an expensive dress in my closet right now screaming, “But the one day you’ll wear me, you’ll look fabulous!!!”

The other argument is that I’m a comic…I’ve got time on my hands.  Saving $40 and taking 10 extra minutes to dry my hair isn’t the most ridiculous argument.

What’s something you’ve spent a lot of money on and never regretted it?  Just curious, but if you’re reading this, would love to hear your input.

Meanwhile I’ll leave you with this image of me drying my hair with my fancy new blow dryer…



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