Polluting my mind…

Ever be looking at a website and just think, “This is polluting my mind!”?  Sometimes I’ll be looking at Facebook or Buzzfeed and just think, “I haven’t even formed an original thought since I’ve been on this page…”  I like [read love] those two sites, so how does that make me feel?  I’m a person who, despite my efforts, is crap at meditation, so in a way there’s a meditative quality about looking at what others post.  The bad part is that unlike meditation, I can look at those two sites for an embarrassingly long amount of time.  Meditation…3 minutes.  Facebook…3 minutes less than 24 hours a day.  Or can the argument be made that years of training to be a “good listener” is coaxing me to stay on those sites longer than I should?  “Yes, what do you have to say?  I’m listening…”

Coffee pollutes my mind too.  I love coffee, but sometimes I drink so much coffee that my brain feels like it’s in that movie “Being John Malkovich.”

I’m not suggesting that loads of original material comes from my mind that should be shared with others…or even written down.  I’ll be the first to admit that most of it is trashable.  But what nuggets of gold have I thrown away or suppressed?  That’s what I want to know; sadly, that’s probably only information you get after you die, along with the amount of money you COULD have saved if you switched to Geico, and what really happened to JFK.

See?  Pollution.

In 20 years time do you think they’ll make medical diagnoses for social media use?  Or would anyone even care that much?  I realize this is all very “Kurt Vonnegut,” but what if you suffered from Social Media Diabetes?  Or worse…what if they came up with a disease called Social Media Anorexia?  “Get your social media intake up to a healthy level, balanced across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook…”

I just did a Google search, and there are several companies that already have marketing pitches citing the Social Media Pyramid…day late, dollar short, Shepherd!

Well, I’m the real hypocrite at the end of all this because I’m still going to post this on my blog, but I DID draw you this picture…enjoy!!!

P.S. How great is my Instagram logo!!!




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