First things first…

Today is a day of “firsts” which implies that things are new and exciting today.  Any accomplishment is the “first” accomplishment of the year, and I imagine some people feel extra-refreshed washing their hungover faces this morning.  Me, I started the year by taking a screenshot on my phone right at midnight.


There’s something about photographic proof of a certain point in time that helps me to quantify how long ago that was.  Like having the screenshot is the closest I can get to taking a picture of time itself.  I’m sure there’s someone at CERN disagreeing with that, but let’s take one step back to realize how deluded I am to think someone from CERN would be reading my blog…

We all there?  Good…let’s move on…

Despite my pessimism yesterday, I did feel fresher this morning.  Like when you have a stack of post-it notes and you rip off the top one to reveal the fresh post-it underneath.  Not a core-shattering feeling, but posture-straightening for sure.  I didn’t do anything today that was remarkable…in fact today was pretty bland.  The only thing that was different was that I was more proud of myself for things I’d done in the past.  Now…if you know me…and if you’re reading this you do because how else would you know about this blog…you’d know that I find it really difficult to not pick myself and my accomplishments apart.  So today when thinking about certain things I’d done, instead of ripping it apart like play-doh, I mushed the bits back together in one ball.  There!  I’ve done this thing! *gestures towards play-doh blob*  I didn’t go further to shape the blob into a unicorn or a really cool blimp, but I’m happy that that was my natural instinct.

Today I also accidentally scraped some skin off my knuckle.  You know when you look down at your hand and think, “Huh, I’m bleeding…when did that happen?” That happened today.  Is there an overall metaphor that I’m tough and continue on no matter what the injury?  Bruised, but never broken?  Unlikely…it’s probably more a nod to the shoddy manufacturing of the cheap Tupperware I use to store my make-up.  Trim the edges better, ya bastards!

My first injury* of the year…and certainly not the last.

*Gross!  I’m not posting a picture of my bloody knuckle, you sicko!


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