Optimism unbridled…

Today is the last day of the year, and in my opinion the most optimistic day of the year.  Vows and affirmations have been made that, “In the new year…”, yet the new year hasn’t started yet.  People haven’t mucked up their lofty goals, and they still have every chance to succeed.  The promise of change hangs in the air without even the possibility of failure.  Today we are all procrastinators because we’re gonna be great…tomorrow.

I guess it’s sort of a Negative Nancy trait to chide at people trying to better themselves.  There’s strength in numbers, so if loads of other people are trying to change, shouldn’t it be easier for them to pull you along?  Unfortunately that’s not the case at all.  The new year is more like a bottleneck than a riptide.  The gym is busier, making it harder to get treadmill time.  There are less vegetables at the grocery store because everyone’s vowed to detox in January.  Open mics are busier, filled with doe-eyed millennials saying, “This is gonna be my year!” as they go on stage to give their “hot take” on dick jokes.  I know…this sounds so bitter and pessimistic, but maybe I’m just trying to balance the ship here.  If our ship is only full of blissfully ignorant optimists, someone’s gotta stand on the other side of the boat so we don’t capsize.  All good all the time just turns into dull normalcy…someone’s gotta say, “It’s nice you think that…BUT…”

This is pretty bratty and these are all first-world problems.  This post, and this blog for that matter, were never meant to tackle world issues.  If it does one day, then I’m certainly going to have to change my profile picture.

I don’t know…should I leave on a positive note?  No.  I want to leave on an even-keeled  note. Tomorrow is another day, and the calendar is arbitrary.  You and I will continue to get older, so if you mess up tomorrow or in 10 days from now, it’s ok.  You can still work towards your goal of a clean colon.

Happy New Year.



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