When in doubt…chorizo.

Today was not the best…and because I had only consumed an apple and a pot of coffee by 5 pm, I found myself 10% as hungry as the guy from “127 Hours” [still really hungry].

As I had an emotionally taxing day, I decided for my overall health to feed my belly what it craved the most…Mexican food. I get it that no one ever said,“A taco a day keeps the doctor away,” but today I decided to focus on my mental health. The little voice inside of me that was squeaking,“ Tengo hambre…” in the most meek voice possible.

I found a restaurant near the train stop, and walked in at the same time as two senior gentlemen who were clearly regulars as they were greeted with a bucket of beers, no dialogue needed. “Nice and cold,” one of them said, though it sounded more like a fulfilled promise he’d made to himself at noon.
I sat at a table to myself, in a restaurant by myself albeit the two men swiggin’ lager popciles at the bar. In terms of “healthy,” some people say it’s not normal to eat alone. To me what’s more abnormal than eating alone is queueing for 1.5 hours, sitting at a table only big enough to fit a dog bowl just to be the next victim to try the “Asain/Cajun/Southern/Baja Cuisine” fad that makes millennials creme their jeans. I’d rather just get a seat by the TV.

After a quick perusal of the menu, I chose the chorizo tacos, a classic fav of mine. Now, I’ll disclose that there is another Mexican restaurant in my neighborhood that serves them as well, so my hopes weren’t too high.

AND THEN…I took the first bite.

See the photo? See my hand? I bit it because that taco was SOoooooo GOOD!!!


I checked the menu, and the ingredients were savory satisfaction, contentment and a hug from the Mexican grandmother I never had, but always wanted.

The little voice in my head then said, “At’ll do pig…at’ll do…”

Today’s Self Evaluation:
Mental Health: 5 (only because of the tacos)
Physical Health: 4 (only because of the tacos)


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