Sleep well, be well…

Yesterday I bought a pillow mattress topper. It’s been a dream of mine for ages…literally years, so it was surreal when $59.99 achieved this dream. instead of that nice dress, I could have had a pillow mattress topper? I could have just worn the topper to the party?  What else would you use rope for…duh!!!

The mattress topper didn’t disappoint either. Maybe my years of longing scewed my perception to be rose-colored senses of feeling, but last night it felt like I slept in a hug.  It was that perfect-fit feeling like when you fall backwards into a big snow drift and the snow precisely forms to your shape. (Sorry, kids, so snow drifts are these things we used to see before global warming…they were like big piles of snow…uh, snow…you know the white stuff on top of…never mind…).

Therefore in the interest of health, I deem it healthy to have bought a mattress pillow topper.  I had a lovely night of sleep…essential for a healthy life style.

As an added bonus, when I was wrapping it in the sheet, this happened… Doesn’t it just look like the hugest maxi pad ever?!?!

I know…I’m such a feminist that I sleep on a maxi pad.



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