My Cousin Vinny…


I didn’t realize it until now, but it reminds me of the window photo in the film “My Cousin Vinny.”  If you’ve not seen the film, Joe Pesci is trying to prove a witness incredible, so he says, “So, Mr. Crane, you can positively identify the defendants, for a moment of two seconds, looking through this dirty window, this crud-covered screen, all of these trees, with all of these leaves on them, and I don’t know how many bushes.”

I’m missing the bushes…or am I???  😉

Oh…guess what?!?!?! I went on a run yesterday!!!  It’s been a couple weeks, and here’s what I don’t like about long breaks in-between runs…you’re made blatantly aware of new wobbly bits.  For example when I started my run, my calves felt fat which was a very weird sensation, but the good news is that they functioned like a pendulum to give me the momentum to keep going.  Also, s’cuse me…I’ve gotta really wash my whole body in the shower because it’s all dirty…not just the crevices.

I also ate a ton of blueberries yesterday.  TBD on that one!

I have found myself asking the question, “What now?” a lot in the last couple of days.  I have a ton of work to do, so not sure why I’m asking that.  I suppose that’s the classic sign of procrastination.  I once heard a phrase, “Plan your work, work your plan,” so I guess if I’m befuddled by the next step, I haven’t planned my work so well.  Also, I’m blogging!  Who is this helping?  Dunno…but I am rather doubtful that thinking about Joe Pesci and a film from 1992 would be relevant or a catalyst to what I’ll accomplish today.



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