Is that a banana leaf, or are you just happy to see me?

It’s a cold, rainy day and I’m cozed away inside wearing a sweater that I’m normally too sweaty to keep on…as in my favorite kind of day.  A day where you’re meant to be inside, and I justifiably am.  It’s weird to be able to have so many layers on and STILL not be hot and sweaty,..again, my physiology was meant for the Arctic North.

Mental health seems stable, and physical health hanging on by a pinky.  I’ve not exercised in probably two weeks, but I’m TOTALLY GOING TO…tomorrow.  No, I mean tomorrow’s supposed to be nicer, and I’ve got my nice sweater on, and I heard there was like a murderer nearby, and if I leave then who’s going to make sure a water pipe doesn’t burst…

I am not trying to turn this into another food blog, but I wanna tell you this. Yesterday I had a surprisingly pleasant lunch.  I was seeking out a specific Mexican restaurant that was highly rated on Google; however, it was closed when I arrived (Cerrado! Cerrado!).  Retracing my steps, I went into this Colombian restaurant called La Pequena Colombia.  I wasn’t really into spending the money for a main course, so I opted for an appetizer called a “tamal” which I expected to be a close cousin to a “tamale.”  Oh, and I love a tamale in the fall time, so hot diggity dog!  This is what came out from the kitchen…


Now…I am a crap photographer, but yes, that does look like a huge pile of sick. That’s also a lotta banana leaf for 2 o’clock in the afternoon…HOWEVER…it was amazing!  It was a warm, stick-to-your-ribs kinda lunch that made you wanna give children Christmas presents.  There was slow-cooked meat, potatoes and vegetables in it which melted together in your mouth with just enough texture so that it wasn’t mushy.  It was melty, not mushy…there’s a difference.  It was the kind of meal where your knife isn’t really used to cut anything…it’s just another implement to help shovel more onto your fork.  Not one ingredient stood out, it just blended together like a really well-done blonde highlights.

This restaurant was also aware of what’s SO important to enjoying a good meal.  Give me the sauce…then back away. I hate it when restaurants give you a silver-dollar sized dollop of sauce…as if to say, “This’ll just go straight to your hips!” in a Georgia accent from someone named Goldie.  Let me have ALL the sauce…let me fall in love with it, one squirt at a time.


Here’s the website in case you wanna go experience a nice meal in a banana leaf yourself…

For overall health I wouldn’t say that I’m “trending up,” but I’m treading.  I could totally be sinking or pulled under by a UGE shark [read Donald Trump], but I’m not.  Hangin’ in there, little fella!!!  Hope you are too!!!



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